Viral Videos Spreading to Television Sets

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Viral videos are so-called because of the “viral” nature by which they spread across the entire web and the real world. They are videos that are so hilarious, so cute, so awesome or so baffling that we just have to share and they are no longer just for the computer. If you have a television provider like or any service that gives you Comedy Central, then you have probably seen a program called Tosh.0.

The phenomenon of viral videos has grown to such epic proportions that, yes, we actually have television programs that showcase these and offer witty little observations. And, really, Tosh.0 isn’t the only television program talking about these. Some reputable news outlets also cover these and some have even been co-opted into advertising campaigns for various products.

It makes sense when you stop and think about it. Most of these videos you have probably already seen, especially if you work in a fairly calm and enjoyable office environment. Videos like these can serve a number of different purposes from delighting viewers to sparking some serious discussion and debate – all without having to produce any original or compelling content of your own. Who knows? VVs might just become the new normal in broadcast programming.

The Cutest Viral Video Babies We’ve Ever Seen

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We all remember Charlie, right? The baby who bit his brother’s finger? The modern world has made it easy for adorable kids to be immortalized through sites like YouTube. If you’re going through funny kid withdrawal, never fear: the internet is ripe with viral videos of totally too-cute tots for you to enjoy after a rough day at the office! Here are a few of our classic favorites:

Laughing Baby Ethan – this clip proves that it doesn’t take expensive toys or gear to make a baby truly happy.
Hey Jude – sometimes big talent comes in small packages.
David After Dentist – a trip to the tooth-cleaner can leave you a little out of sorts, as with David.
Cute Kid Singing – we don’t know what she’s saying, but with facial expressions and hand motions like that, it’s too adorable not to watch.
The Evil Eye – with a face like this, this kid already knows how to get whatever he wants.
Star Wars According to a 3-Year-Old – if you ever wondered what this blockbuster movie was about, she’ll set you straight.

Viral Violence: Shocking Scenes Caught on Video

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There is a somewhat disturbing facet to viral videos that depict serious acts of violence. Shocking, videos of street fights, crimes and brawls that get out of control have been known to go viral. In some cases, the videos might even be viewed by well over a million people. What is it about these videos that makes them so popular? In a sense, there is a curiosity factor. The shocking nature of the videos draw people in to view them. Whether or not they are actually entertained by (more…)

Viral Validation: True Talent Discovered Online

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Getting discovered is much easier now than it ever was thanks to video sharing sites. If you have a talent, you can just showcase your talent on a video sharing site. If you are entertaining enough, your video can go viral. What it really takes is creativity. If you give it all of your energy, you might produce something that captures the attention of many. A lot of people have achieved fame through a viral video.

The interesting thing is that a lot of (more…)

Accidentally Viral: Never Meant to Be Seen Videos

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Everybody wants to be famous these days. It’s almost hard to tell what videos are accidentally leaked and which ones are a promotional stunt. Some infamous videos have actually turned into launchpads for careers. This makes lots of people question all the videos hitting the web today.

Just about everyone knows who Kim Kardashian is, but they did not always know. Much of this has to do with the accidental leak of a very raunchy (more…)

The Ten Best Viral Videos of All Time

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With the advent of the camera phone and Youtube, everyone is clammering to try and get their 15 minutes of viral fame. There are literally millions, perhaps billions of videos on the internet. Some that make us laugh, some that make us cry, and the others that solicit nothing but blank stares from us. We have compiled a list of the The Ten Best Viral Videos of All Time. Feel free to agree, disagree,, or just revisit these videos one last time. 1. Evolution of Dance involves a standup comedian provides his audience his version of “The Evolution of Dance”. 2. Chocolate Rain is, well, a song about Chocolate Rain by Tay Zonday 3. Leave Britney Alone. Super fan wanted the world at the time to as the title suggests, just leave Britney Spears alone. 4. Miss Teen South Carolina. The Miss Teen USA pageant contestant Lauren Caitlin Upton provided several incoherent responses to one question. 5. Woman Wakes up To Intruder in Her Bed. All that we have to say is, “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husbands.” 6. The I Like Turtles kid who confounded a new’s reporter. 7. David After Dentist. The video shows a loopy kid after a trip to the dentist’s office. 8. Leprechaun in Mobile Alabama. They actually got a reporter to go out and report that story. 9. Grape Stomp. A news anchor falls over while trying to stomp on some grapes. 10. Howard Dean’s Scream. It was the scream heard all around the world.

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